PHP Invoice Script Using MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap

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Here is the list PHP Script script that entirely done using PHP, MYSQL, jQuery, Bootstrap. This code for creating invoice in php help you to manage your business.

   This Invoice Script Using PHP, MySQL, jQuery and Bootstrap help you create Invoice effortlessly with jQuery autocomplete. This PHP Invoice script has features.

Login email/ Password : munihappy


Also check this invoice script done entirely using Core PHP, MySQL, jQuery and Twitter Bootrap:

PHP Invoice Script Features:

  1. PHP Invoice Script has Dashboard d3.js visualization. So now you can visually see your business performance over period of time using customized filter provided at the top the page.
    php mysql invoice script with d3js data visualization
  2. PHP Invoice Script is GST ready invoice. This can be enabled and disabled in the settings page.
  3. Facebook, Google, Twitter & Linkedin social login added to this php Invoice system. Now user can login and register effortlessly
    php invoice script social login facebook google twitter &n linkedin
  4. This PHP invoice script has reports for Invoice, Quotes and Payments in preview, PDF, CSV format. Each report provided with customized filter, so you can filter either by customer, company or date.
    php invoice script reports for invoice quotes &payments in pdf & csv format
  5. Seamless invoice creation by filling simple from assisted with jQuery Autocomplete.
  6. Ability to save, edit and delete unlimited invoices.
  7. Ability to print generated invoice.
  8. Ability to generate PDF of the invoice.
  9. Ability to add, edit and delete  multiple client/consignee details. Saved client details will be used available for auto filling to make invoice creation an effortless process.
  10. Ability to add, edit and delete products. This acts as a simple inventory management system and yes, all the product details added will be available as autocomplete select while generating invoices.
  11. This invoice system has settings page where users can keep his/her company details that will helpful for easy invoice generation.
  12. User login system for secure access.
  13. Simple user registration system.
  14. Admin side dashboard for viewing list of invoices saved.
  15. Ability to save unlimited invoice.
  16. When user enters product name or product Id, the relevant text box shows an auto suggestion of the product name/id using jQuery autocomplete and then automatically fills the selected product id, product name, price and product quantity in their respective fields.
  17. Ability to add, delete any number table rows to add/delete product in the invoice system.
  18. Automatic calculation of total Line item price i.e. Number item * unit price Tax calculation.
  19. Automatic calculation of payment paid and payment due.
  20. This invoice system has a nice invoice template.
  21. Also, I kept following list features from the previous php invoice tutorial.


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