How To Merge Multiple ShapeFiles Into One Shapefile Using QGIS

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Step 1:

Import the all Shapefiles you want to merge into one single shapefile in QGIS editor

Refer this tutorial on How To Import ShapeFiles QGIS Editor.

Step 2: 

Now choose Vector -> Data Management Tools -> Merge Vector Layers. Now select all ShapeFiles in input layers by clicking right side button next to input layer textbox. Finally click on Run in Background button to merge. Now it merge all the shapefiles into single shapefile and create new vector shape layer named merged

Note: While merge this vector shapefiles if you face issue like field datatype mismatch (POP_EST field in layer ne_50m_admin_0_countries has different data type than in other layers (Integer64 instead of Integer)), merge opartion will get aborted. So either you need remove the data fields from both the ShapeFiles or change the datatype in one of the Shapefile.


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